Message to all members of European parliament

Dear, can you please reply honestly to this question?

Have you travelled crammed to one another several days to ports and further weeks trapped in ships, in your own excrements, without water, without food, without air and any possibility to move, to Africa or Asia? Even with very brutal goal of your travel?  Please, be honest: you did not! Why do you allow animals to be treated so cruelly?

On Thursday, 20st January, you have a real chance to make a big difference.

We do ask you, please, vote for EU values, vote for the law, vote for an end to cruelty to animals and vote for their good lives in the EU country of birth!

Meat, carcasses, genetic material must be transported over long distancies and exported from EU instead of animals!

Make us proud EU citizens by ensuring the real welfare of animals, by keeping the EU law and values!